Nowadays, Mobile Application is an integral part of all businesses. The trend of developing mobile a

Nowadays, Mobile Application is an integral part of all businesses. The trend of developing mobile applications has been changing very fast along with all adaptive newest technologies. However there are only two biggest platforms that mobile apps are developed, that is iOS and Android. In our last article we studied three main kinds of iOS programming languages, this time we will show you vital advantages of Java, the most popular programming language for the Android platform.

 What is Java?

Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is used for the development of mobile applications (especially Android apps), web applications, web servers, application servers, game development, and database association. Currently, Java app development is the common option for building high-performance mobile applications.

How is Java beneficial for Android native app projects?

Object Oriented Programming

The primary benefit of using Java for android development is that it provides the concepts of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming) and is more proficient because they are extensible, scalable and adaptable. A rich library of default design patterns and other best practices comes with it. It is more adaptable to the growth of mobile apps because it is open-source. This permits you to make modular projects and reusable code. When building up Java android applications, web and app developers can use the source codes to modify the application coding according to their prerequisite. 

Open-source Programming Language

This outstanding programming language also provides a great collection of open-source libraries that essentially reduce the total cost of creating applications and speed up the procedure. Java is a high-level programming language, which means it simplifies Java android application development, and makes it much easier to write, read, and maintain.

Powerful Development Tools

Java app development also comes with a collection of excellent programming tools, making it much easier for app developers to work on it and construct an application that suits your needs perfectly.

Java app development comes with few most popular development tools, including Eclipse, NetBeans, Robust, and many more. Such powerful tools play a crucial role in making Java programming language the first choice of Java android app development companies.

Community Support to Developers

Android developers can acquire genuine bits of knowledge of this programming language from the similar developers in their community and are ready to grow their network broadly. Its constructive developer group shares the insights and associated data to help beginners enhance their Java app development skills.

Builds Robust and Secure Mobile Applications

Security is the integral part of any mobile app design. Compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment:  all have been developed in the Java programming language keeping security in mind. Java has robust tool sets, which not only assist developers in coding but also give them the ability to influence debugging. Besides, Java puts a lot of focus on testing for early potential errors as its compilers are able to identify several issues that could occur during first execution time in other languages.