What is the prospect of IT industry in Vietnam in 10 years of the future?

It’s not surprising that Vietnam has increasingly been prominent in term of Offshore/ Outsourc

It’s not surprising that Vietnam has increasingly been prominent in term of Software Outsourcing  Development as one of most effective alternatives with low cost and huge young labor like China, India, Philippines, and Malaysia. However, there are still some obstacles preventing this industry of Vietnam from exceeding its virtual power and getting over their competitors, such as, low English and unpractical skills, unfavorable technology infrastructure. That is true, but it won’t matter anymore in near future if we can see current great changes as following.


In Vietnam, the large numbers of English center are continuously opened to satisfy the increased demand of learning English Vietnamese. Furthermore, when it comes to learning English, a sincere push for education from the Government and Family keep being heavier in 2017. People tent to send their kids to learn English as soon as affordable. Therefore, it doesn’t matter intention, English will be automatically generalized in Vietnam, highly possible to become secondary language (not compulsory). It’s well-understood that proficient in language allows to progress in IT industry.


Education reflects skill. Therefore, to upgrade the background of the IT resource of Vietnam, Vietnamese Government has deployed the right educational strategies of focusing on international cooperation in IT training. Priority should be given to cooperating with high-tech countries such as the US, Japan, South Korea ... and prestigious universities of specialty training. On the other hand, IT industry in Vietnam has specially been being developed under the models of socialization, market-based training, enterprise-institute-university combination, partnership, international linkage. Training contents and method now also are renovated much for students to get acquainted with technology in advance and supply qualified and high quality with full capability. That leads to good result that most the fresh graduated students total can get jobs after right training.

IT infrastructure

According to Vietnam Economic News, after a decade of implementing the construction of IT focus areas, to date, Vietnam has had seven IT focus areas, including
1. Saigon Hi-Tech Park
2. Saigon Software Park
3. Quang Trung Software Park    



Quang Trung Software Park

4. Hanoi IT Trading Centre
5. Da Nang ICT Infrastructure Development Centre
6. National University of Ho Chi Minh City’s IT Park
7.Can Tho University Software Centre

Plus, Vietnam's telecommunications infrastructure has reached international standards. The total number of telephone subscribers nationwide till the end of December 2010 is approximately 126 million. Currently, 100% of schools from primary to university have internet connections, 99.7% of communes have fixed telephones, and many have mobile phones. The national information network meets the objectives of rapid and modern development with a nationwide coverage, connected with high throughput to other countries in the region and the world.

Keeping well having high growth rate in IT outsourcing with right transformations, Vietnam will go far its current rivals to become the first Software Outsourcing Development alternative over the world.

by ThaoNTX