This is the question that many enterprises are always concerned about. People say that the ma


This is the question that many enterprises are always concerned about. People say that the market is a battlefield, so to survive you need to equip yourself with proper arms, I mean proper skills. In the forest of companies, and firms where the competence is more severe than ever, to arm yourself with a proper weapon is not easy. However, one of the must have elements that your company needs to possess is adapting well into the economy. Which means you need to approach and be leading in the trend of your business. To us, EBIZWORLD, we always lead the change of the market. Therefore in the IT business now we are concentrating on many potential areas that can thrive in the market for example: Blockchain games, Healthcare platform, Bitcoin and NFT projects, Metaverse game services, and Education solutions. Now let’s follow our steps to learn more about these fields of our business:  

Blockchain games:

We all have heard about this name, it’s not a new concept, however in the Vietnam market Blockchain games are not actually popular. Therefore to spread this notion and develop this genre of game in the market we have led this trend in our business. One of the Blockchain games that we have experienced developing is the Sandbox game with our Singaporean partner. And this game has brought them much benefit and success in Singapore.

 Bitcoin and NFT projects:

 About NFT games we have much experience as since the pandemic until now we have collaborated with other companies to develop many NFT games. The project that we can not miss in the list is the RPG we worked with our Singaporean partner during the pandemic. Thanks to the project we grew, and developed more. Then another game project that we contributed to develop one year later is a fighting game with the presence of Bitcoin and NFT currency. This game we cooperated with a multinational company which is based in Vietnam.   

 Metaverse game services:

 In the game world this notion is the greatest phenomenon. With the constant working in many game projects from card games, RPGs, fighting games to Sandbox games, Blockchain games, and games adapted with AI, EBIZWORLD has contributed to bring out Metaverse game services to our audiences. Also, we believe that Metaverse games will be continuously developed more and more in the near future.  

 Healthcare platform:

 We have experienced developing Healthcare platforms with many clients who are from Vietnamese firms and also a European company. Understanding the need of the market in this field we have helped our customers to develop a healthcare solution with AI and assisted them in website maintenance work. We have had great experience and widened our business through those projects.

 Education solutions:

 Right now we are developing an education project which is a Learning Management System (LMS). We all know that a learning platform is not a new notion to many academic people. But it hasn’t become popular till the pandemic happened in 2019, and studying online gradually has been becoming very essential since then. LMS is the best solution for not only academic institutes like language centers, schools, colleges, universities, but also for company training. Therefore its market share is immense.