NFT games are a hot trending concept now in the game development industry. But how much do you know

NFT games are a hot trending concept now in the game development industry. But how much do you know about it? Its types? The greatest ones? And why are they worth your investment? Let’s find out!

The Sandbox - Best Virtual NFT Gaming Platform, Open Metaverse:

The Sandbox is a play-to-earn virtual style metaverse in which you can own land, play games, or build your own game. You can take control of the massive virtual world either as a collector, artist, game decider, or simply as a gamer that rambles in the metaverse, hopping around the world from game to game. The sandbox is built on the Ethereum network and has its own cryptocurrency called Sand.

It is one of the hyped metaverses in cryptocurrency. It has developed an editor that can be used to create models and animations for the future version of the blockchain. If you are looking to buy digital land or real estate, this is one of the top games to play and will likely have a strong presence in the metaverse.

Battle of Guardians - New Blockchain Multiplayer NFT Gaming Platform:

Battle of Guardians (BOG) is a real-time multiplayer NFT PvP arena developed on the Unreal Engine. This is an advanced fighting game based on the Solana network in which players constantly fight to defeat other opponents for more rewards. It allows users to benefit not only from the blockchain’s power but also from its unrivaled graphics. Here, players can engage in fierce multi-realm battles in various areas of the vast SciFi game world. BOG is designed for PC gamers, but it will eventually support cross-platform multiplayer on iOS and Android.

BOG believes in the future of the metaverse and strives to build a secure gaming economy with long-term potential. With each new game released, the BOG creates a fun and entertaining gaming metaverse experience with stunning graphics, unique NFTs, and numerous opportunities to earn real profits.

Idle Cyber - Defense Battle NFT Game mixed with Hero Collection:

Idle Cyber is a frontier defense game based in 2088, where humans command a squad of mutants, defend the wall, kill cyborgs & conquer giant bosses to defend humanity. Idle Cyber is built on BSC and looks promising, will have a lot of opportunities for players to earn, stake & trade NFTs to make good money. This project is solid and investors can also make good money by investing in their game.

Axie Infinity - Best NFT Game For Pokemon Lovers:

Axie Infinity is an NFT game inspired by Pokémon etymology developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It consists of millions of adorable fantasy creatures called Axies, which players can collect, raise, battle, and trade as digital pets. Its core philosophy is play-to-earn and it rewards its users for their time and effort. These rewards come in the form of an SLP (Smooth Love Potion) token that you can earn in the gameplay. SLP tokens can be exchanged for other Ethereum tokens on decentralized exchanges like UniSwap or Binance.

Axie Infinity is arguably one of the best-designed projects in cryptocurrency. Everything from user experience to tokenomics is carefully developed and implemented. With a market cap of $42 million in sales in June 2021, and projected sales of more than $1 billion in 2022, it is currently the most expensive NFT collection. It is available on various operating systems for windows, mac, ios, android. Their vision is to create a virtual economy where you can own and operate your businesses or even save, invest and spend your money without ever having to rush to your bank.