A few years ago when it came to games people tended to think about the content, the game features, t

A few years ago when it came to games people tended to think about the content, the game features, the characters, etc. But now, the customer’s taste has developed to a higher level. Beside the core of the game itself which is its functions, they especially notice the game design, like how it looks like, its interface and its graphic design. Therefore, the graphic design or the way the game looks is also an important element that every game producer needs to concern when they are going to start any game project. Now, let's accompany us to find out top graphic design software for game development that we should know!

Adobe Photoshop

 This software is suitable for Windows and Mac platforms. It is widely used by professional graphic designers and photographers around the world, Adobe Photoshop is one of the best programs on the market. It was released in 1990 and continues to reign as the tool that artists go to for editing and designing images. The features of this application are powerful. You can create custom illustrations, alter photos in many ways including turning them into paintings, make 3D artwork, animate and even edit videos. The brush sets, filters, and advanced tool options give you the ability to make any idea real.


 It works well on macOS and iOS platforms. It was said that it was built exclusively for Mac as it won the 2011 Apple Design Award for Best of Mac App Store and App of the Year. If you’re looking for a graphic design software capable of creating professional game art but less expensive than the traditional tools like Photoshop, Pixelmator is an excellent choice. Pixelmator allows you to edit and transform photos into works of art. It also has features for drawing and creating your own illustrations. There’s a lot you can do with this software to make game art.


 Another free graphic design software worth considering is Inkscape. Inkscape allows you to create vector-based images and edit them easily. With Inkscape, you can do most of the things that you could with the more expensive paid design applications. This software features flexible drawing tools, shapes, filters, text, and other advanced editing options. You can also save your projects in multiple formats like SVG, JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIP. Users have the opportunity to export any saved project to vector-based formats as well. Image scaling is also a breeze in Inkscape. You can easily resize any icon, logo, or graphic. This graphic design software is open-source and available on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms.


 The software is perfect for Linux, macOS, Microsoft Windows, BSD, Solaris platforms. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is a cross-platform image editor. It’s also a free and open-source graphic design software, which makes it a great alternative for indie devs on a limited budget. GIMP also has a wide variety of features. You can tweak and edit photos and easily turn lackluster images into masterpieces. The drawing tools and customizable brushes allow you to make illustrations as well. It also supports many third-party plugins and programming languages. Advanced users can download additional plugins to add new features, editing and customization options to GIMP. Therefore, with GIMP there is no limit for your creative graphic design.

 Gravit Designer

 Gravit Designer is a completely free full-featured cross-platform graphic design software that’s in a lane of its own. It can be used on macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, iPad, and Android. It is a cloud-based vector editor with loads of potential for game developers. You can use this tool on-the-go whenever an idea strikes you. It also features templates to help you get started with your designs which is a huge plus for anyone new to design. With Gravit Designer, you can design screens, high-quality icons, illustrations, apps and more. It features a sleek, intuitive interface that can be personalized. There’s also a nice selection of borders, effects and blending mode options. The only drawback to this design application is there are no prototyping or animation features possible yet. However, this free vector graphic tool is worth trying out.