In the current circumstance of technology development and its influence on all economic areas, the I

In the current circumstance of technology development and its influence on all economic areas, the IT workforce has much potential to develop their careers and reach opportunities to get high income. The trend of working in this industry is that a senior dev, or a very experienced developer can be involved in many game, web, app development projects. Devs like that are quite flexible and can be responsible for many tasks at the same time. Therefore, the trend of working as a freelancer is going to be the top trend of this industry.

That is a trend though it’s not easy to be always busy with tasks when you are a freelancer. Especially when you are a newbie in the field. Recognizing the issues, and the potential to provide services for that needed requirement from the market, our Australian partner and us, EBIZWORLD company have built a new website whose concept to help Freelancers of IT’s and of other areas’ easily find suitable jobs, or tasks that fit their schedule, and at the same time help companies that are in need of the workforce have their solution.

Our website’s name is Tanngo, it is a simple and secure Australian online workspace connecting financial planners and freelance support services. Tanngo is our project cooperation with an Australian Partner, and the project is continuing processing right now. In concept, Tanngo has built up a reliable network of background-checked, qualified experts who are ready and waiting to bid on freelancers’ jobs. As we can see it is like a mutual platform for both freelancers, and employers, where they both find solutions for their needs. Freelancers may easily get their jobs, and employers can run their business smoothly. It’s a kind of win- win platform.

In the main page of the website interface the users can choose their role as a financial adviser or a paraplanner:

 If you are a financial adviser with clear information updated regularly it's a piece of cake to find quality freelancers for your project as Tanngo has collected quality paraplanners & contractors that are available to deal with your requirements. You are free to choose the best offer from a range of expert paraplanners and contractors. In addition, this web focuses on customer business information security. With Tanngo, there is no need to email personal client information as it uses secure encryption methods to transfer files between parties to keep your client’s data safe.

If you are a paraplanner then you may find contract work with ease. You are free to access a large pool of advisers seeking contractors - all online. You can enjoy instant payment for completed work, are free to choose the jobs you like, smooth your workflow, work from anywhere with an internet connection. With Tanngo freelancers can create a profile that showcases their talent and expertise to attract new work. And as they complete work, receive feedback and reviews to improve their Tanngo profile. Besides, it also lets them know when there is a demand for a particular paraplanning area so they can undertake further training and expand their service offer.

Above are brief information about our website, if you have any interest in possessing a website like that contact us right away!