The rapid development of the game industry and new technology developments in general has af



The rapid development of the game industry and new technology developments in general has affected our life a lot in different ways. Long time ago people just saw games as a thing for amusement, something you can play to kill the time, to relax, and have fun. However, with the gradual development of the economy, games are not only just for playing. For some people who expertise in this area can even earn a lot more money than others. Playing games is not only their pleasure, it is also their career. To others, entrepreneurs for example, foresee the great potential of the growing industry, they seize opportunities to do business, and invest their money into this area. In many sorts of games Blockchain game is the newest one which is attracting much attention from investors. So if you are an investor, which type of blockchain game will deserve your interest? Let's accompany us to find out the answer!


Silks is fast becoming the #1 sports NFT on the Ethereum blockchain on OpenSea, rated a top 50 listing on leading NFT market analysis site Nansen and backed by top investment firms. A unique offering in blockchain gaming, Silks was the first of its kind – a compelling horse racing NFT project. The play to earn mechanic in this game has an exciting cross over in real life – when a players’ digital horse wins a race in real life, they earn crypto rewards in the game. The fun and authenticity doesn’t end there for fans of gaming and horse racing – everything down the DNA of your stud plays a role in this blockchain game in some form. Silks is partnered with a real-world thoroughbred horse training facility in Kentucky – Circle 8 Ranch. They are also strategically partnered with Tropical Racing, a horse racing company that specializes in thoroughbred horse breeding and racing. Both of these companies are owned by Troy Levy, one of the Silks co-founders. In terms of an investment vehicle – horse racing does well in all market conditions, even throughout recessions, and can be a hedge in those bad times, such as the adverse macroeconomic conditions of 2022.


Tamadoge aims to be the next Dogecoin and more than a meme coin – part of its roadmap is to build a metaverse game with augmented reality (AR) where players nurture their pets, NFTs of the doge meme. Before that phase it will take the form of an NFT game where players’ NFT doges do battle after being minted, trained and fed – to top leaderboards and win rewards in the form of Tamadoge (TAMA) tokens. That P2E utility is something Dogecoin and Shiba Inu lacked – Tamadoge’s tagline is to become ‘the play to earn Dogecoin’. Their native token TAMA is also currently on beta sale, shaping up to be one of the most promising crypto presales of 2022.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is an upcoming fantasy sports themed blockchain game and its native token IBAT is a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Battle Infinity recently sold out its presale early but will be available to buy on crypto exchanges, including PancakeSwap as its first DEX listing. The IBAT presale saw high demand after being featured in Yahoo Finance, BeinCrypto, CryptoPotato, and other crypto news outlets. IBAT is this NFT-based metaverse game’s play to earn rewards tokens – for example players can craft their own sports team and compete against other teams in matches and leagues, earning IBAT for winning and placing high in the league standings.

Axie Infinity

Despite the Ronin hack, being branded a ‘disaster’ by Bloomberg in mid 2022, and its native cryptocurrency AXS being down over 90% since its all time high set in November 2021, the Axie Infinity game platform still commands over half a million active players each month. That’s testament to its appeal, fun factor and play to earn utility – Axie Infinity didn’t kick off the blockchain game craze but was one the first and best play to earn crypto games. Players around the world and particularly in developing countries in Asia – such as the Philippines – flocked to Axie Infinity to play and earn AXS.

Alien Worlds

Connected to the WAX and Ethereum blockchains, Alien Worlds is an innovative metaverse project where everything is tokenized including all in-game assets. The Alien Worlds player base is slightly lower than that of Axie Infinity, also over half a million monthly UAWs being tracked. The Alien Worlds blockchain game has an impressive backing from venture capital crypto investors including Animoca Brands (who developed the Otherside metaverse game with Yuga Labs), Binance and others. Alien Worlds gameplay takes various forms such as staking, participating in DAOs, trading NFT cards and mining to earn Trilium (TLM). Alien Worlds is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) and its ecosystem frequently places in the top 2 rankings of the best blockchain games on DappRadar.


One of the most popular NFT trading card games, Splinterlands runs on the Hive blockchain, which supports a range of decentralized apps, blockchain games and wallets. Inspired by trading card games of old like Magic: The Gathering, this blockchain game helped bring gamers from the mainstream into cryptocurrency gaming. Trading cards won can be converted into ERC-721 tokens and flipped for a profit on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea depending on their rarity. The combat is advanced – with each battle having a different combination of combat rules, a Mana system, and a deep level of strategy. The library of Splinterlands cards is over 500+ with 64+ abilities and four types of rarities. Each fighting character has their own form of attack such as melee, speed, ranged, and magic. To date its tournaments have awarded over $6.1 million in cash prizes, and players can also participate in individual quests to rise the rankings.