As we already know, in IT business we often work in a team, a strong team will gain much success and

        As we already know, in IT business we often work in a team, a strong team will gain much success and benefit to its company, in contrast a weak team has tend to meet much difficulty in work and has less efficiency, so teamwork productivity is very important.

        To have a strong team and to boost teamwork efficiency the first thing all leaders should concern about is inspiring passion in each member. To do that here are some tips that would be very helpful to you:

Firstly, keep your team connected. Each member is like a part of a machine, and all members have to cooperate well to help the machine work properly. To help all members work well together, they have to know each other and have good relationships. To make that happen. Leaders should regularly organize some activities to build beautiful bonds in the team. For instance, during break having lunch together, and talking to each other. Creating a funny quiz contest and encouraging all members to take part in after long hours of working or after finishing one complicated task. Be active and always cheer your team’s members freely to ask for assistance or offer help to their colleagues. Besides, holding small parties and celebrating together on some occasions like birthdays, or after a successful project is also helpful.

 Secondly, Respect difference of opinion. Your team may consist of many people who have different education, and experience, so each of them will have a different way to think of one subject, diverse ideas are wonderful to develop products and it will make team meetings become more exciting. However, a great team has to have balance of opinion. Because conflicts can cause the whole teamwork doesn’t go well, all ideas should be considered equally to finalize the best conclusion that balances all team members’ minds.

Thirdly, a leader is a good mirror of work efficiency.  Even doing the job you like sometimes it too causes negative emotions like tiredness, lacking interest, less motivation, etc. In those cases only the leader can influence his team’s attitude and help them set the right mood at work. In other words, passion starts with you. To inspire passion in others, you must first be passionate yourself. Always be active in work, have good strategies and always know what to do. When you believe in what you are doing, you can ignite the passion in others.

Finally, it’s ongoing training and coaching. People will make great efforts on something that they like or something that has much potential to bring them success, and happiness. So, that is why pushing your team to have a bigger target in work, and help them develop is very essential. Successful leaders regularly provide their team opportunities to improve their skills, offer input into aspects of training, in which members see opportunities for improvement. It’s important that your team is fully prepared so that they would be able to deal with any issues that customers may have.

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