The most important thing that all developers have to remember is that to attract the users and make

The most important thing that all developers have to remember is that to attract the users and make them use an app regularly, the app has to be beneficial and convenient to them. It means the app is able to satisfy the users’ demand, and it’s useful to them, neither causes them any trouble while using nor wasting their time. To bring good experience to the users the developers always work hard on their job especially on UI and UX of the app. There are 6 tips which can be useful to them in the app developing process and raising the number of users.

Do not accept overloading: The first thing that gets the user’s attention is the app interface, their interest in the app is very important, but we don’t need to show all great features that the app has at once. Too many newly added buttons, image or text will make the screen become complicated and annoys the users. The tip here is we should well distribute the app features on every window, in other words, each main action must be presented in a separate window, and each window just supports only a single action that is valuable to the user. This way will help the app interface become more attractive, clear, and friendly.

Well design navigation: Navigation must be clear, it’s necessary to use the proper symbols, so there is no required explanation, and every element of it should lead to the right destination. One type of navigation should be applied with the whole app to avoid complicating the app interface and make the user confused.

Elaborate interaction between user’s devices: To bring advantages and convenience to the user the app should be flexible which means it can be used in all the user’s equipment.

Text would be comfortable to read: Nowadays, people tend to use devices like smartphones rather than other devices such as table computers, PC, or laptops for its convenience, and small size. Therefore, there is a challenge to developers who need to create an app interface nicely and easily to read its contents with such a small screen. The rule they should follow is the text must have size at least 11 points, so it could be readable, and it’s necessary to increase the line height too.

Make sure vital interface elements well visible: Using contrast colors in design can help the users see and understand the apps content easily. By colors, emphasize the important buttons, and features of the app on its interface. Beside, designers should choose and arrange primary, secondary, and accent colors in the way that comfort the user’s eyes, this allows your app to be used by many people, even by the users with weak eyesight.

Minimize the necessity of using the keyboard: To some people typing words on a mobile phone is a slow process, so it’s better to minimize keyboard typing in your app. If it’s very necessary to have a form of typing in your app interface, it should be short, simple, and only contain needed fields.