Some key customer care skills that a sale employee needs to have

Customer care skills are always a necessary requirement in every business. Today's customers are dem

Customer care skills are always a necessary requirement in every business. Today's customers are demanding too much on what they want to be treated with courtesy and respect and what they hear in sincere gratitude. Normally, customer care depends on the situation. However, a natural control that if the product/service is widely sold in the market for the same price, same quality of service, human factor becomes very important. Then the customers always choose the better customer care with the better warm and thoughtful welcome from sale employee.

Certainly, customer care skills need to be understood by each sale employee if you do not want to run a risky business, or have the ability to lose customers to your competitors when your service is not really make customers feel satisfied. In the most general sense, customer care (or customer service) is all that is needed by the business to satisfy customer’s expectation, it means that caring customer in the way they would like to be served and do what is necessary to keep the customers.

Fortunately, the some required skills below will help you, sale employees, support and care for your clients professionally and effectively:


When customers find you when they need your services, this is a golden opportunity for customers to see your good overall services, rather than solve the problem quickly.

If you discuss/support your customers every day, make sure you always keep the calm when they come to you with the anger, take the time to really understand what your customers want - They can wait to get the perfect solution, it’s not a quickly solution perfunctorily from you.

Customers need to ask a lot and almost endless, when buying products or using services. Therefore, the customer care skills based on a process of dedicated, professional, is increasingly important and essential to the business


Keep observing and paying attention to what the customer does not say, which helps you improve your products and services. Customers do not say "Please upgrade your site's interface and features," but they would say, "I cannot find the search function", or, "Where is this function?"

Clear communication

When you need to communicate something important to your customers, make sure that the problem is simple and do not miss any detail that leaves customers skeptical about your way of information transfer.

Knowledge of Products/ Services

Sale employees are not necessarily the creators of the product, but they have to know how to operate and use the product or service, like the way how customers use it every day. If you do not understand your product or service well, you will not be able to help your customers without experiencing the same problem.

It can be seen that every customer, whether an individual or business customer, desires more than the goods or services they buy, must be completely reliable. All friendly smiles and polite offers cannot compensate for unreliable products or substandard services. Customer care can only be recognized as good if it is associated with a quality product or a good service.

Ability to use "Positive Language"

If the customer contacted you to buy/make the product, but this product is in stock condition until next month, or your teams are not able to handle it well. Do not use negative language like: "We cannot deliver this product to you until next month; this is a pre-order service and is currently out of stock." Or “We cannot do it”

Use positive language: "This product will be available next month. We can now pre-order it for you and make sure it's delivered to you."We always find and want to face the challenge like that; we are willing to try it”. Small changes in the use of positive language will make the customer feel more satisfied with your services.

Performance Skills

Sometimes you will encounter some situations that are out of control and feel pressured when faced with difficult customers. A sale employee should have some basic acting skills so that they can maintain a cheerful, gentle attitude before each situation.

Time management skills

When you do not find a solution within the time allowed, find out who is capable of replacing you with this situation. Never waste time trying to solve a problem you cannot afford. Because it will waste time on both sides

The ability to "read- understand" the customer

The ability to "read" the status and emotions of customers is a necessary skill to help you avoid misunderstandings in communication with customers. Feel and focus on the attitude, level of patience, personality of each customer. You will remain positive when interacting with them.

Always Hold Peace

A good customer care worker will be the one who will keep calm and know how to soothe the client's anger.

Towards Goal

Businesses that have a clear goal towards customer satisfaction will shape and set clear goals that will help sale employees better support their customers in the future. Every sale employee should have the word of honor or keep your word, promising your customers to help build trust with customers. And learn how to manage your expectations by ensuring actual goals are set and can be met.

Ability to handle unexpected

When faced with a problem you have not experienced, ask the question:

Who? - You need to know who you are talking to and who can solve this problem.

What? - When you have problems, what information you need to transfer to superiors.

How? You need to determine how each problem is handled, as well as how to contact other supporters

Negotiation skills

Excellent persuasion skills will impress customers with your product or service. It's not true that customers will buy the service right after they hear you, but they will think of you and your product when needed.


Perseverance, willingness to help and solve problems for customers is one of the skills you need to train a lot to be able to provide the best products and services to customers. Take your persistence and effort as the main motivator because your customers are human so they know how much effort you make and therefore they will be happier to use your products/services.

Capability to solve problems

The Capability to solve problems means that you finish your support with customer satisfaction and make the customer feel they are well cared for.

To do this, you need to make two important points:

  • You are always willing to solve the problem until it match requirement of the customer.
  • The customer is completely satisfied with your solution.

Spiritual Learning and Improving Skills

If you read here so you have most of the above skills, prove that you are a keen learner. If you do not find ways to improve what you are doing, whether it's to build a product, advertise your brand, or help your customers, then you'll be behind by people who are always looking to invest and improve themselves. So do not hesitate to exchange and learn to stop you.

To get customers and keep them for career, a sale employee has made more efforts like introducing them to the brand or product of the business and making them love it. Let’s use all above skills to making love between your customers and your brand can help identify positive words that are invaluable to your business.

By Thuy Le