Before making any mobile app the first thing you should do is create a mobile app requirement docume

Before making any mobile app the first thing you should do is create a mobile app requirement document. Mobile app requirement document is also called specifications document is a type of document that contains all the requirements for your future mobile app. You can view it as a detailed checklist that you and your partner will go through in order to determine whether you are on the right path. A well-written document is beneficial for both companies. For you: it’s a useful tool to help you keep track of each stage in development processing, and well manage your project. For your partner it would become a useful guideline that clarifies what the final product has to be, and helps to speed up the testing process. Therefore, the more detailed and carefully composed specifications document, the better result you are going to get.

Some guidelines to write the document:


The first thing you should concern here is all abbreviations, definitions and acronyms that you are going to use in your document. Make a list of them all with explanations, then you need to write down a brief summary of the project, its primary purpose, target audience, a list of technologies your team is going to use, and the amount of time it needs to be accomplished. Finally, describing main stages of the project, and adding a timeframe for each of them.

Business description:

In this part you will show criteria required to meet organizational objectives, and include the overall demonstration of your app. If yours is going to be based on the existing code, you should mention it in the document. Remember to present all functions and features that you expect your app will have, then, consider its profitable capacity. Discuss with your team and your consultant to create a business plan for your app, and make sure including your detailed guidelines about it. Another important subject that your document contains is budget, write down what's the exact amount you’re able and willing to spend on each stage of the development process, also some budget for any additional expenses that occur in the future.

Technical specifications:

In this part you have to include all the technical details like: platforms and devices your app is going to operate on, technologies your developers will use; Making decisions about it is going to be built exclusively for iOS/Android or a hybrid app for both operating systems; How the app-server will work, its databases, its social media integration, maintenance plan, etc.

Dependencies and limitation:

In this section, you need to write down all aspects related to your app, make a list of API documentation, the information of the 3rd- party software, credentials of the platform, and security requirements.

App store/ Google play submission:

Identifying demands that your app should match before submitting facilities. Make sure your app has a name, description, icon, contact, copyright information, privacy policy, keywords, screenshot, app store promotion, and optimization plan.