What is SaaS? SaaS is the acronym of ‘Software as a service’, it’s a cloud-based s

What is SaaS?

SaaS is the acronym of ‘Software as a service’, it’s a cloud-based software that is delivered and managed remotely by a provider, while accessing the solution through a web browser. It means that to use the software, all you need to do is to subscribe to the service, then access it on the Internet. SaaS becomes a common delivery model for many business apps, management software, CRM, messaging, and procurement software.

Its fundamental characteristics:

Configuration and Customization: The configuration of SaaS apps is not too different from common apps’, and it’s very friendly to the users, so they can easily adjust its interface and features to suit the needs of their business.

Open Integration Protocol: SaaS apps are programmed on the web platform, so they cannot directly access the internal data system. Therefore SaaS provides open integration protocols and app programming interfaces to maximize user support. In other words, this feature makes SaaS easy to integrate with other types of software, and data. It’s more convenient than having to use many types of apps, and software separately.

Information Sharing Function: This is the most prominent feature of SaaS, in normal apps and software, you will have to spend much time transferring data back and forth, especially when you need to send information, and data to many people, or when you need to collaborate with others to make its edits.

Some good reasons for choosing SaaS:

You only pay for what you use: SaaS is suitable for all kinds of business, even the users are from small or big companies. This is because they only pay for what they actually use, and don’t have to buy large packages with features they don’t need.

Updates become a positive experience: This is because the solution is remotely located with the supplier, so the development and new updates are constantly carried out without installing or downloading new software, just logging in to enjoy the new functionality.

Access anywhere and anytime: With cloud- based solutions, the users don’t need to be at a computer with software installed, as long as they access to the Internet by any device, they can use SaaS anytime, anywhere.

Security service that you can rely on: By using SaaS you don’t have to worry about security solutions on your own. Most of the providers of cloud services offer a lot of efficient security solutions for the users, and work continuously to secure all data and information which their customers stored in the cloud.

No issue with storage space and slow devices expire: A SaaS service can run directly from a web browser without downloading or installing software. Therefore, you can avoid having software in your computer or an app which occupies space in your phone with data it needs to operate and for its updates.