Nowadays games have become an indispensable part of modern life especially, the game industry has a

Nowadays games have become an indispensable part of modern life especially, the game industry has a big influence on the youth. According to statistics 2020 in the USA, Children and teenagers under 18 years old make up 21 percent of all gamers. One generation ahead of them are people from 18-34 years olds accounts for 38 percent of gamers. Both of these generations represent for the youth, the main workforce of the whole economy, and definitely many of them have thought or even dream of a career in the game industry. This circumstance is the same as other countries in Asia, where the economy is open, and developing rapidly. Therefore, there are many options in work and opportunities for people, who have passion and skills to develop their career in the game area.

Game designers: Standing at the top position of dream jobs for gamers is game designer. People who work as a game designer come up with the concepts that eventually become new games. The ideas that form those are fruit after a time of researching and developing storylines, background, characters, and so on. They will work with other members in the development team including game artists, developers, and audio engineers. The main reason for it becoming the top dream job for gamers is that game designers can freely express their creativity in new game concepts, and devote all their passion in work.

Software developers: This position is highly recommended for many people who have interest in the IT area, and also gamers. It demands lots of skills, patience, creativity, and of course passion. Developers are those who collaborate directly with game designers in work, they program and design apps or software that makes games work the way the designers want them to. Therefore, developer is a very necessary position in a game developing company, and it has many chances to develop more in this developing industry.

Animators, and game artists: An integral part of the game developing process is making game animations, and this is the job of animators and game artists. They make the game come to life visually, and lively. By using specialized software, animators create the series of pictures that form the images in game, including the characters, background, and the environment. Game Artists also design packaging that makes games stand out on store shelves.

Audio engineers: Using computers and equipment to create soundtracks for games. They respond to everything you hear when you play a game. They give voice to the characters, create sound effects, and record background music.

Writers: They work as script writers who create the stories upon which games are based and write dialogue for characters, they also take part in creating documents and instructions related to games.

Game testers: people who work as testers provide quality insurance for the companies that produce games. They guarantee games function correctly, identify and report to designers, and developers any problems or bugs found in the games.

Technical support specialists: They are the link between game companies and the public. They are in call centers where they will assist customers who have problems operating games and related equipment. Support specialists answer questions via phone, online chat, and email.