Developing a game based on Blockchain technology is not a new concept to many investors, and game pr

Developing a game based on Blockchain technology is not a new concept to many investors, and game producers. However, in the sea of games what kind of game that adapted with Blockchain will thrive the most successfully in the market? In this article we will give you a hint of the matter.

Currently, with the strong development of Blockchain technology, it would be wise to be a Blockchain gamer. As with Blockchain games we not only can have amusement when playing games but also can exchange our crypto currency, and make money. In real life we have our real kind of currency to spend and to enjoy our lives, and it’s the same as in the game world. When we are in a game we have crypto, with it we can own, buy, and exchange game assets, as well as enjoy the virtual world that it brings to us. One of the youth favorites is war game, or role playing fighting game, with armies, swords, shields, horses, thrones, and kingdoms. All of these elements, and the blockchain game ‘s features you can definitely find in League of Kingdoms.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is an Ethereum-based strategy game that uses an in-game “play-to-earn” model. Inside the game, players can trade various NFT-based assets on the blockchain and there is also a voting system allowing them to participate in governance. The development team aims to build up an entire ecosystem of the game.

League of Kingdoms has been very successful since it was released until now and currently its heat seems not to  be reduced. The game is attractive in many different aspects:

Based on interesting plot:

The game begins with a basic plot in which you, as king of your little kingdom, are being invaded by a force of evil. The storyline of the game revolves around protecting your kingdom from the enemy. It is exciting to observe and keep track of the progress of your kingdom.

Own league of kingdom tokens and assets:

League of Kingdoms is one of the first Blockchain MMO strategy games. However, it is different from other mobile strategy games because it’s based on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other games, it lets players own and trade certain assets. In other crypto games, players only earn resources and assets in-game. In League of Kingdoms, they can actually own and trade some of the assets and earn real money from them.

A smooth gameplay

The quality of production of League of Kingdoms is the most impressive feature from the start. Although it’s only been running for some time, it still feels complete and feature-rich. The graphics are solid, and the various concepts are really clicking. The game’s simplicity makes it a lot of fun to play, and the rewards are always there whenever you need them.

Accessible and flexible:

The game is available on both Android, and iOS devices. Besides, players will not be bored in playing the game since it offers various game modes.

As you can see that MMO strategy games are having full potential to develop even more in the future, so if you are having interest in this kind of game or having intention to develop an MMO strategy game with Blockchain pls don't hesitate to contact us right away!