Leading Vietnam Software Outsourcing Companies

Software outsourcing is now one of the strategic priorities for businesses as modern technology keep

Software outsourcing is now one of the strategic priorities for businesses as modern technology keeps up with the need for companies to spend a fair amount of capital. Finding a reputable outsourcing company is not easy.

The outsourcing companies in Vietnam are actually developing?

It is bright to see hat adoption of information technology in the management of enterprises or state agencies, hospitals and banks has become popular in our country. But with foreign favoritism psychology the majority of businesses in Vietnam do not order outsourcing in the country but often buy or order outsourcing from foreign companies such as USA, India and China.

This makes software outsourcing companies in Vietnam have to look for external markets such as Western Europe, Japan …. This is evident in that more than 80% of revenue from software outsourcing is from Japan. Countries such as India, China regular do outsourcing for product software companies. Vietnam is highly proud of this fact.

The failure to find the domestic market and travelling overseas make young entrepreneurs unable to survive for longtime.  Merely strong companies are able to stay on this outsourcing market extreme fluctuating.

What should the nascent outsourcing businesses do to grow now?

Actually, when the market economy has penetrated into Vietnam, it is extremely difficult for the micro-companies to exist, especially in the future outsourcing industry will be more automated than the software with the basis short data and it will not have to rely on human hands anymore.

Vietnam's nascent software outsourcing companies are mainly relying on cheap labor to survive. However, as the world's IT has surpassed human imagination, cheap labor is no longer competitive advantage anymore.

When asked about how Vietnamese software outsourcing companies could grow and reach the continent, TMA CEO Nguyen Huu Le said:

Our human resources are not inferior to any country and as evidenced by the fact that many of Vietnam's software are widely used around the world. But there are some features that make outsourcing companies could not develop as it real power:

- Domestic enterprises still do not trust in the software outsourcing industry.

- The English capital of our engineers is very limited, so it is difficult to convey ideas to our partners.

- Our people are great, but as technology advances, such as storms, engineers need to continually improve their skills and knowledge to be able to handle larger software.

- Vietnamese people have a slightly bad characteristics that is not united together to develop, software outsourcing companies do not have the mutual support to our IT industry to grow.

Leading software outsourcing companies in Vietnam

In fact, our software outsourcing industry is just as childish as it was, said the chairman of the board of directors of FPT Truong Gia Binh.

But it doesn’t mean that we do not have software outsourcing companies that are developing immensely.

- FPT software was established in 1988 with only one computer. FPT has developed its software outsourcing business in the world such as Japan, Malaysia and Australia. About billions of dollars in profits

- TMA Solutions Company was named as the eldest in software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh City established in 1997 with limited capital, so far the company has 1800 employees and does outsourcing for many famous companies in the world

- Harvey Nash Vietnam is a well-known software outsourcing company based in the UK and based in Vietnam. Harvey Nash has been operating since 1988 as a pioneer in the field of IT personnel searching and leasing.

There are also other companies like Global CyberSoft (GCS), KMS Technology ...

And especially some young entrepreneurs are emerging in the software outsourcing industry in Vietnam: 


As a business founded in 2010 with a small initial capital with about 3 employees as the core, it was initially very difficult to reach customers, look for projects. However, over the past seven years, EBIZWOLRD has found a solid place in the industry.

Having gone through thousands of different big and small projects we always satisfy our customers, the services aiming for is:
- Website development and design customizing; and also E-commerce Site Development
- Mobile Application development (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone),
       + iPad App development +Android Phone App development
       +Android Tablet App development +Windows Phone App Development
- Game design development.

Netbase JCS

Netbase is one of emerging software outsourcing companies, focusing on a total e-Commerce solutions and consulting for all ecommerce business to sell products and services on the Internet.

Emerged by services:
- Product development
- E-commerce Solutions

Saigon Technology

Well- known by areas in areas such as e-finance, e-business, logistic, transportation, healthcare, media and other industries.

  • Software development outsourcing
  • Offshore software development center
  • Custom software development
  • Bespoke software development
  • Mobile application development
  • Web design and development
  • Web application development
IFI Solution, an NTT Data company

IFI Solution having been working in software outsourcing market since 2003 is a leading company in software outsourcing services for European customers. 
IFI Solution provides the following services:

  • Development of Embedded software, firmware, Real-time software, Drivers
  • Development of Business applications
  • Software testing
  • Software porting

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