In the last article we learned that for many years, The App Store has been ahead of Google Play in t

In the last article we learned that for many years, The App Store has been ahead of Google Play in the profit area, so iOS is the platform which has brought more revenue to apps development companies. Only that is enough to help us imagine how potential the iOS platform is to develop more in the future isn’t it? Therefore, iOS developers are always important forces to any IT company. To guarantee the success of all iOS app projects, their expert skills are always put in priority. In this article we will show you several qualities that an iOS developer should have.

The first thing we need to be concerned about here is technical skills.

One of the most vital skills that an iOS app developer must have is the ability to program. They should know how to deal with the latest version of Swift, for  example the Swift 5.5.1, which is just released on October 26th this year. Swift is a universal programming language that is owned by Apple to develop iOS mobile applications. All iOS developers have to understand the language and its functionalities such as: Syntax, Classes, Inheritance & Initialization, Objective-C, Interoperability, Control Flow, and Error Handling.

Another thing that they should be the master at is Xcode IDE, it is the real reason that makes the app excellent and offers magnificent user experience. It is highly integrated with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks and it is a primary environment to build apps for various Apple devices such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. It also helps a developer to enable different Apple services such as Passbook and Game Changer too. Therefore,  iOS developers should have a thorough understanding of Apple’s Xcode IDE.

Beside coding, or programming an iOS developer also needs to know how to design the app well.

Both UI and UX are related to the design of a mobile app or a web app but functions slightly vary. UI is based on the look of the app and UX depends on how the user uses the app. Effective execution of UI/UX design in the making of a mobile app can create a drastic change to its entire look which in returns engages more users. Thus, an iOS developer should be well trained on design concepts and should have the capability to produce intriguing and appealing UI/UX design for any mobile app they create.

Finally, iOS developers should also expand their knowledge in Databases and networking.

iOS apps and most other modern applications rely on databases to store and retrieve data. Understanding how databases work, and the query languages that are used to manipulate data can be invaluable skills, helping them get ahead with iOS development.

Most modern iOS apps require data that moves back and forth across the internet. This means that an iOS developer must understand how the internet works. Luckily, iOS makes it easy by providing SDKs that offer several APIs to perform network requests. In addition to these APIs, iOS developers will also need to understand the DNS system, URLs, and other general networking concepts.