Investing in mobile application, why not?

Modern people are addicted to their phones. Roughly 2.5 billion people are using smartphones. On ave

Modern people are addicted to their phones. Roughly 2.5 billion people are using smartphones. On average, people spend 24 hours a week to go online, young people whose age from 16 to 24, spend 34.3 hours a week on the Internet. What is the first thing people do when they wake up in the morning? Probably checking the phones. From bathroom to bedroom, from school hall to music concert, from dining table to office desk, you can always see people glue their eyes to the screens. Approximately 90% of consumer mobile time is spent using apps. Applications are dominating mobile usage, what does it mean to entrepreneurs? It can only mean one thing: Investing in mobile applications is a smart choice.

Here are the top five reasons why you should invest in mobile app development:

1. Boost sales

With a mobile app, consumers can browse and purchase a product effortlessly. You can naturally promote your products or let your customers know about your hot deals by sending them text messages through push notifications.

An app will allow clients to book your service in advance; hotel app, restaurant app, spa app, etc are so popular nowadays. It makes it easy for consumers to reserve the date and time they desire to use the services, thus increasing the revenue efficiently.

2. Branding tools

Mobile application is the best way to help businesses connect and engage with loyal customers. The more you interact with your clients the more you understand their wants and needs. A friendly, simple app can do far more than you could ever imagine, it forms a strong, long-lasting relationship with your consumers. An app will add much more value to your products/services, solve the real problems, support and create a satisfying experience for your customers.

3. Mobile payments

Mobile payments are one of the latest hot trends because it is convenient, reliable, and secure. An app that has payment feature will let consumers send money easily from their phone to pay for your products. People are willing to buy more if the process of buying is seamless.

4. Improve competitiveness

A great number of business owners have developed their own apps to increase productivity, enlarge brand visibility, track user behavior, build connections with customers. Make sure your app looks awesomely amazing and lives up to customer’s expectation.

5. Enhance customer service

An app is a wonderful way to offer outstanding customer service. People love to express what they feel about your products, let them tell you through the incredible in-app feedback.

If you wish to grow your business, reach out to your audience, stay ahead of your rivals, you should think of investing in mobile app development. In case you are looking for a developing team to build your dream app, you can consider EBIZWORLD. With 8 years of experience in making mobile application for iOS, Android and Web platform, a strong, skillful, talented team; we are confident that we can deliver the first-rate app that meets all of your expectation.

By Demi