How much does it cost to develop an Uber clone in 2018

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You intend to develop a taxi app like Uber. Before you do it, you need to find answers to these questions below:

  1.  How does Uber app work?
  2. Which features do you need for your own mobile app?
  3. Should you hire developers or outsourcing?
  4. How much do you pay for building a mobile app like Uber?

1. How does Uber app work?

First, Uber is online car ordering mobile app. It helps rider can book a private car which nearest them. When the driver accepted the request, he will pick up the client in minutes. The Uber does not need to a lot tele-staff and complex managing systems. These are reasons why the service is generally 35 to 50% than the traditional taxi and create more job opportunities.

2. Which features do you need for your own taxi app?

To develop a taxi mobile app like Uber, we need to develop 2 kinds of mobile applications:

  • Passenger app for clients who request a taxi
  • Driver app for who gets the request and ride

Picture 1: Client's interface screen


Basic passenger app’s features list:

  • Register/ login: Through email, social account, credit/ debit card, payment processing
  • Booking interface: A screen to enter the address to call a taxi, car option, set a pickup location.
  • Tracking: To track driver’s location, Rider can be easy to know where he is driving.
  • Cost estimated: Client can know exact price which will be paid before.
  • Payments: People can choose a payment method such as Cash, Credit or Debit card. Additional, export invoice for the user by phone or email.
  • Push notifications: To send notifications to users like promotion, estimated time of driver arrival and other details such as a type of car, driver’s profile, etc,…;
  • Messaging: With this feature, your passenger can send some additional request for the driver or notify his specific location.
  • Ratings: To improve the transportation service more and more, we should have Rating feature to receive customer feedback after finishing a trip.
  • Booking history and membership.

Picture 2: Driver's interface screen


Basic features of driver app on Uber app

  • Register/ profile/status: This feature request driver to supply his profile such as name, phone number, type of car.
  • Booking: Driver can accept or deny the order though information like client location and destination of a trip, price and trip history.
  • Push notifications: To alarm order from customer, promotion.
  • Map direction: Driver does not need to learn by heart the map. The driver can drive follow the map direction.
  • Price: the driver can know exactly how much he will receive after finishing the ride. From that he will decide to accept or deny the order.
  • Messaging: The Driver does not need to call out with customer. In the app, it also has this messaging feature.
  • Rating & support.

3. How to develop a taxi app like Uber, Grab, Lyft,…: Development process and Technology behind

There are three key elements to build a taxi app like Uber clone. These are Server, geo-location, and payment.

Developing language for back-end: Node.js, Python, Java, Object-C,… Another element to any uber-clone app to need that GPS, the OpenStreetMap API will be applied to both platform Android and IOS. The third key element, we can choose the optimal payment gateway integration. EBIZWORLD recommends one of the following:

  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay and Google Wallet

How much to cost an Uber Clone

Summarize the cost to develop all above-listed features, the standalone platform mobile app like Uber has cost roughly $35,000 an average $50 per hour rate.

  • Geo-location ( Map, GPS, Routing): 140 hours
  • Payment methods: 140 hours
  • Registration and profile: 140 hours
  • Messaging and push notification: 140 hours
  • Design: 140 hours

In the market, there are a lot of vendors which you can choose. With famous and big companies, the price will be charged around $55-$150 per hour rate. However, middle size-company like EBIZWORLD, the price is around $15 - $20 per hour rate. Let sum up to build an Uber-Clone app, EBIZWORLD may cost you $12,000.

One more time, the final expense of your is depended on various factors and your personal preferences. So go ahead and build a taxi app that will be like Uber.

Finally, you can see our Portfolio to learn more about our experience.

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