Custom software is developed for a single customer, and it can accommodate the customer's particular

          Custom software is developed for a single customer, and it can accommodate the customer's particular preferences and expectations. Nowadays, large companies commonly develop custom software for critical functions, including content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management, etc... So software companies have many chances to cooperate with them in this area.

          And the most important thing that all these clients concern about is how long does it take to create the product they need? In our experience, custom software projects can take from 4 to 9 months. The time to compete each project is affected by many things, but we all know that in this competitive industry, speed and precision are always put on priority. So how can we boost the timeline of one project yet not affect its quality?

Let’s take a look on some elements that can affect a project’s time consuming process:

  • The complexity of process itself: during processing the project each development team faces many challenges and issues related in technical side. Like project requirements, order of process, common agreement, some regulations while working together, and so on. All of these stuffs might slow down the process of software development.
  • The quality of code: when the mess in your code increases, so does the time that it takes to maintain it. In the worst case, the code can no longer be maintained and the project will slowly die without continuous updating.
  • Development team: the success of each project depends directly on its members, who work together to build the software. Their efficiency, passion, and being easy-going in every discussion are necessary, all of these characters can contribute a strong team, and guarantee the success of any project.

Now, it’s time for us to turn to some tips to speed up our development process:

  • Boost your team on a given project: if your team needs any assistance in implementing complex functions or multiplex parts, outsourcing a dedicated team to assist them may be the good choice. This action will shorten the project timeline and help you avoid some issues that potentially may happen.
  • Divide the project to small components: Dividing project to small parts, each part is assigned to some people who have much experience in that area. It is easier to manage the quality of the software during the time it is processing, and it’s also a good way to track on its timeline, a perfect solution for all project managers.
  • Set a detailed project roadmap: making a good plan before doing anything always brings you success, so it is a wise decision to take time to create a project roadmap and discuss it with your team before you start the development process. Making sure that your team members understand well its goals, and requirements in order to save time discussing what thing to do next, and help the processing become more organized.