In the last twenty years the computer science industry has developed at a very high speed. And

 In the last twenty years the computer science industry has developed at a very high speed. And it is proved that this area has big potential to go even farther in the future. Therefore, to many IT companies which have existed in this field for at least 10 years it’s absolutely true that they have contributed a reasonable portion into the whole industry development.

Considering yourself, how much have you given out to the whole economy? The answer here is easy. We bet that each of us, as a web-apps or software development company, have devoted all resources we have to the industry. Like us, EBIZWORLD, and you are, we all always make great efforts to bring out the best solutions to our customers, and ourselves too have grown and been stronger over those years.

Thinking back many years ago when card games were very common in the game world we also assisted our American Client in developing many beautiful card games, then they built their places in Vietnamese markets, and the US game markets as well. After that we also experienced developing many other genres of games like RPG,or 2D games adapted with NFT with Korean Partners. A couple of years later we joined hands in a fighting game project with a multinational company which is based in Vietnam. That time we experienced developing games with blockchain technology. Then just a short time later we had a chance to collaborate in work with a Singaporean company in a sandbox game project implemented with blockchain technology as well. We have to say all those games we devoted our resources to develop with our partners have been very successful in the Vietnamese market and also their country’s market.

Not only games are our favorite field of business, Web apps are also the area that we focus on developing. We have many years working on many web- apps development projects. Remember when food delivery apps were thriving in the market we also released our Go- food app. Then we experienced developing healthcare apps with a Vietnamese company, and within the same year we participated in maintenance of a heath-care website project. Through all those projects we were happy to receive clients’ credit and their satisfaction from our work. Right now we are working on developing a learning management system, a kind of software that would be very helpful to many academic institutes and company training departments. We have shared our story, now it’s your turn to share yours!