How Essential Is Computer Science To Our Lives?

Helps people connect together more easily: by the developing of apps, mobile phones, and digital tec


1. Helps people connect together more easily:

By the developing of apps, mobile phones, and digital technologies, you are able to keep in touch with your family or friends from a very long distance with just one touch. By using email, video call and social network you are able to talk or even do business with people from all over the world.

2. Get more convenience when you spend or manage your money:

Thanks to the development of information technology and science, we don’t have to go to the store every time we purchase the items we want. We can easily get them right at our door step by using the app on smart devices. Another instance is now we get more convenience when transferring or receiving money because many banks encourage their customers to enjoy the advantages by using their online services.

3. Helps the study more interesting:

By using science technology, studying becomes more interesting and attractive with the assistance of projector, simulation software, modern laboratories, and so on. Moreover, with the internet systems and digital science development, which allow us to attend to online courses of many famous colleges in the world, our children can definitely get the best education right at our homes.

4. Helps to form many new jobs and services:

Computer programmers, website designers, software developers and app developers are some occupations that closely related to the appearance of computer science. Moreover, by the strong development of it, many new businesses has formed like shopping on apps, ordering and selling foods, travelling and doing delivery services with app assistance, and so on. Our lives become more convenient by helps from computer science.