What does ‘compare’ mean in this question? It definitely resembles the competition.&nbsp

What does ‘compare’ mean in this question? It definitely resembles the competition. Which means If you want to build your business you need to stay focused on your products, develop them well enough to be able to compete with others in the market is the code of doing business. In the computer software area this rule is also valid.

 But how come your products can be compared to other companies’ and beat them up? The answer is not ours, we’ll have it from our customers, who spend money to buy our services. Now let’s put yourself in their shoes to find out the answer yourself!

 Do you think that going shopping is just like a kind of investment? Somehow it’s true. You are shopping which means you’re buying things which would be useful for you, or what you need. Whatever the purpose of your shopping is, it’ll definitely bring you a certain valuation. The thing we need to concern here is whether its valuation ‘s worth its price or not. About that only customers have the answer, cause it depends on their feeling, their satisfaction. Definitely that they’ll be happy if the product meets their needs and helps them feel better in life. Therefore, the key here to make yourself a place in the market, to stand still among your opponents is that you have to form your company image by your products, your services, and you need to make them follow your customer demands. Create and develop your products as your customer’s will, put yourself in their shoes to think about what they need, what they would want to have is the core.

 Life is colourful, so is people's mind, each person in the society will have different demands in life so your chance to develop a product that fits the needs of the masses is immense. However the cleverest way to do it is to concentrate on your target audience. For instance, if your target market is the youth, you’ll need to focus on new technology, adapt your products with the latest tech, make it attractive with nice speed running will help as your app, or web’s users are people who love trends, amusement, convenience and comforts. And if your target audience is elderly people, or the mass like when you make a healthcare app for example, beside the needed technology for the app you need to focus on its interface, how it looks, its colour. Make it look nice with nice and mild colors, friendly interface, and easy to use are the best. And if your product is for children like when you need to create a Language study app for kids for instance you should make your app colorful, cute interface with cartoon characters, simple and easy to use.