HCM City has launched digital traffic app in 2016

Traffic jam has just happened in some main roads near some schools, hospitals and trade centers in H

Traffic jam has just happened in some main roads near some schools, hospitals and trade centers in Ho Chi Minh City in the past. However it has become an endless issue in many areas now and worse with hours-long congestions being seen recently.

From 2013, the information about traffic flow, which is provided by VOV Traffic Channel, is displayed by colors and the streets’ names on the board. Green means that the street’s traffic flow is light while yellow means the traffic flow is heavy and red is the signal of a traffic jam. Based on the information, traffic participants can have their own route to get destination in the fastest way.

However, it cannot solve all facing problems, because people don’t like and don’t have time to listen radio for checking traffic state all the time. Traffic jams has become one of the most serious problems in the country’s large cities like HCM City. With a population of more than 10 million, HCM City is seeking drastic measures to tackle traffic jams, especially during peak hours.

The city is considering making some major streets become one-way streets, building elevated roads and even banning private vehicles from downtown areas to ease congestion.

Nearly 9 million motorbikes are currently running on more than 4,000 kilometers of roads in HCM City, not to mention private cars and bicycles.

Nearly 4,200 new cars and 9,000 new motorbikes are registered every month, while public transport is limited to only buses.

Fortunately, traffic participants can now plan their routes to avoid getting stuck in Ho Chi Minh. City’s congestion hotspots as the City’s Transport Department has launched a digital traffic app aimed at informing traffic participants of traffic congestion.

Home page of the digital traffic app

The move aims to curb the worsening traffic congestion in Ho Chi Minh City. To access the free-of-charge app, users can visit https://www.ttgt.vn/ on their computers or smart phones or download the ‘TTGT Tp. Ho Chi Minh’ app on Android and iOS smart phones.

According to Tran Quang Lam, deputy director of the city’s Transport Department, the website, which is designed with four key functions, operate using data collected from the city’s traffic cameras and other sources.

The app provides recommendations for the most appropriate route for commuters to reach their destination, helping them to avoid certain streets with serious gridlock or where accidents have happened. The application updates its users on traffic situations at specific times, including the volume of traffic, speed of vehicles, and traffic flow images at congested hotspots across the city (by more than 300 cameras operated by the department).

The app also provides other useful information on streets such as the allowed speed of vehicles on specific streets, parking locations, streets which allow parking with fees and public restrooms. Moreover, the website is equipped with a tool to receive feedback or reports from the city’s residents on any issues regarding road infrastructure. The digital map will be accessible 24/7.

And now, traffic participants have more chances to proactive, not reactive to find choose the best route for themselves and reduce the hours spent in traffic jams.

Synthesized by Thuy Le