Great web app ideas for 2019

May you all know that web app is popular nowadays with almost business kinds. So if you have some id

May you all know that web app is popular nowadays with almost business kinds. So if you have some ideas to run your business with something fresh and meet the demand of consumer will attract more your target consumer and bring you revenue. Let’s follow me to discovery 5 wonderful ideas for 2019.

Here are 5 awesome ideas for 2019:

1. Health care:

Nowadays, there are many popular apps for consumers booking the car or motorbike to move from the pickup location to destination location. However, many countries do not have transportation booking service for ill people or for injured person in some bad situation.
Example : doctor 2u (

2. Restaurant reservation:

With this web app, any user can easily book a food or meal ahead of time. Especially, this app will be a great support to the people who want to dine at the mall or supermarket and do not want to line up to wait for meal.

Example: Open table (

3. Online product customization:

In today’s world, One of the latest trends in E-commerce is online product customization. Businesses who do, gain a competitive advantage over their competitors by helping customers find what they really want. How do you think about an E-commerce app with product or service customization function?

4. E-commerce booking service:

Most of the E-commerce business models are providing products for the consumer. However, people need not only product but also services to improve their life. So if you run an E-commerce system to sell services instead of products, you will attract more consumer.


5. Messaging app:

In today’s global market, with the use of modern technology, people can not only call or send message normally but also make a video call or live stream anywhere with internet. It will be better if you build a messaging web app.

Example: Zalo (

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Nhu Bui