Art is something that is indispensable in game, and developing art in game is very important in the

Art is something that is indispensable in game, and developing art in game is very important in the game development process. That is the norm that every game producer knows. But have you ever wondered why arts are important like that in game development? Accompany us to find out!

Firstly, an overview:

Game art design is a subset of game development involving the process of creating the artistic aspects for video games. Video game art design begins in the pre-production phase of creating a video game. Game art relies on a broad range of artistic techniques and outcomes, and it may also include painting, sculpture, appropriation, in-game intervention and performance, sampling, etc. The creation of game arts may also include either from scratch or by modifying existing games.

Game art includes concept art, character art, environment art, tech art, character animation, visual effects, sound design, user interface design and final video game on game design. These are core principles of game art. In summary, game art is basically everything you see and hear in a game.

Secondly, how is art important in game development?

As you can see game art affects the efficiency of all game effects from visual elements like the look of the game characters, the game background, game animations to the sounds in game like sounds of characters, sound in the background, sound effects according to the plot of the game, etc.  All game art has a big impact on gamers’ emotion and mood. It can easily help attract their attention, capture their affections by gorgeous characters, fantastic game design and satisfied game experience. In the result game art has a big fluent to any game success.

Thirdly, how many types of game art?

To answer this question, you have to divide the arts in game development process into small categories: As in the overview we have mentioned, in game art we have concept art, character art, technical art, character animation, visual effects, sound design, user interface design, and video game design. Now, let’s take a better look at them to find out more details:

Concept art of game art is not drawing so beautifully, so awe-inspiring in its exquisite detail or beautiful and detailed drawings. The job of concept art is to solve team problems through designing visual solutions. Drawings and paintings are important tools to communicate those ideas.

After concept art, then you should decide and create your character art that may be heroes, villains, zombies, robots, dinosaurs, and even mushrooms. These all are examples of video game characters and they are made by character artists. The jobs of a character artist involves sculpting, painting, and studying anatomy of their characters. The artists often model, texture and often design the characters that appear in a video game by working closely with concept artists.

Environment Art: through games, we have gone to thousands of beautiful locations. Through games, we can experience shooting inside a forest, driving in Los Angeles, battling in World War II fields, or simulating a bus on a high-way road. When you are playing games, the environment occupies more than 90 percent of your screen. Environment is the whole world where the game is taking place and so the environment is so vast that it was created specially by environment artists.

Technical art: video games are constantly pushing the technology to the limit and the art in the video games is no exception. Video games include things like elaborate physics simulations, seamless open worlds, complex animation systems and destructible environments. That’s why we need technical artists. They create tools for other artists, streamline the game creation pipeline, make game exporters, make implementation, etc. There are many responsibilities for a tech artist. But their main job is to streamline how art is made and put into the game.

Character animation is a form of game art using poses and motion to bring characters to life. This is about how animators breathe life into the game characters in game art. Have you ever watched animated films like Tom and Jerry or Cinderella? All you watched in those films are created through character animation.

VFX is a short form that stands for visual effects. VFX artists in games are responsible for things like sparks, bullets, blood spurts, splashes, lasers, clouds, magic, light beams, fireballs, sword swipes, and tons of other stuff. It is one of the most diverse sets of skills out of any in the game development process. Visual effects in games run in real-time which means they have to be created much more efficiently than the pre-rendered effects often found in film and cinematic videos.

Sound Design: sound is very easy to add in a game but it plays a critical role in every game experience. Even a single sound can take the entire mood of a scene. Although the sound of a door can make you feel any feeling. A little change in the sound of a door can make you feel happy, sad or terrifying. Sound design is critical in every game as it adds feeling to the gaming experience and it is the core thematic of a game in a way that is truly satisfying and deeply emotional.

User Interface designs: this game art is created by UI designers. They create mechanical targeting systems, helmet displays, ammo counters, character action icons, district management menus, spaceship diagnostics, chair telekinesis indicators, gun crafting interfaces and murder wheels.

Game Design: before we start off our work, firstly we must consider what kind of our game is, and define its rules. Based on the rules, the game artists have to add some fun to entertain their gamers. Based on the different types of fun, the fun that each game gives is different. Some games give an impressive narrative style of fun at the core of their experience, others give funny characters. And this fun depends on the creativity of the game artists. The game designers design the game based on the rules and the game artists make it look pretty.

Finally, game art in EBIZWORLD:

Recognizing the necessity of game art in game development we always place the priority on game art development in the game developing process. That’s why we have recruited many game artists, game designers, and game developers for our game projects. Not only the workforce, but the technology which is adapted in game is also our first concern when it comes to starting off a new game project.