Free video call applications for both iOS and Android

There are many call apps in the world, do you love any app? If you have an iPhone or iPad, the most

There are many video call apps in the world, do you love any app?

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the most common option for video-call is FaceTime. This application is built by Apple, built-in iOS operating system and works very smoothly. However, the downside of FaceTime is that it only supports Apple products. So, if you have a tablet or Android phone, you need to choose another application that can connect with all your friends.

Fortunately, you have a lot better FaceTime options for video-call connections and if you're looking for a video-call application, the following are great suggestions.

Google Hangouts


With Hangouts, you can chat with one or more friends (Google allows you to chat with 10 people at the same time), using a front or back camera. Video calls and regular voice calls are free with any Hangouts users. And if you have a Google Account, you can use Hangouts without any registration.


Skype supports users in the exchange of information through messages, the files sent on Skype to the destination quickly. Users can make video calls, not just between two people but a group of users if desired. For many users, accessing and using Skype is their daily routine, so, this Microsoft's Skype video chat application is increasingly drastically on the iOS and Android platform and is improving a lot to be able to help users experience nothing on the desktop or laptop.


Free messaging and call over the internet (OTT) Viber has added video calling features recently. As the most widely used OTT application in the world, the integrated video-call feature makes Viber even more powerful.

Using Viber, you can send a pre-recorded video message or make a live video call. The only note is that there is no direct video calling feature where you have to make regular calls then opt for more video features.

Couple Call

You are in love, in near or far distance, you always want to be with your lover? You can use the cute interface app for couples - Couple Call

Couple Call ❤ is the app for you to quickly contact your sweetie! You don’t have to look up the number from the address book or dial it; as you can easily find and add your lover by phone number.

With a simple interface and one click, your lover will be on the other side of the handset by using voice call or video call. In particular, with the lovely pink background, it’s liked a way to show how sweet your love is being sent to your lover.


Zalo is a new messaging application and a leading community connection for Vietnamese mobile users.

In addition to the main feature is providing free voice over the Internet, Zalo also scored in the eyes of Vietnamese users by the unique features that OTT applications abroad have not. With Zalo, you can share your status with audio, the length of an audio file you upload will be no more than 5 minutes, which is far more attractive than posting an emotional state with a sentence.

In addition, Zalo has also some interesting capabilities such as giving users the ability to draw drawing paper and color pens, help users in addition to the chat exchange can also send their friends cute drawing, naughty, add to the emotions of the conversation. Or integrate photo editing features or connect with friends via QR codes.

There are other hundreds of video call apps in the store, you can refer and find the best one following your choice.

By Thuy Le