How do I make a game that people will find fun, which will become a big hit, and make a lo

How do I make a game that people will find fun, which will become a big hit, and make a lot of money? This is the question that all game producers always ask themselves. For this question, there are a variety of answers as each company has its own marketing and business strategy. However, there are some common elements of great games in the market that you shouldn’t miss out:

Great Controls

Even if everything about your game is amazing, it won’t matter if your players can’t properly interact with it. One of the biggest challenges of game development is designing controls that fit the game and enhance the experience. This means that players don’t find themselves frustrated trying to perform certain actions or limited in any way.

Fun Gameplay

This is definitely important as the purpose of creating a game is to help bring joy to people who play it. There are many things that you should focus on to make that happen like game engine, the genre of game, the characters, the game idea, etc.

Visual style

Although every game designer knows that nailing down the gameplay is more important than good visuals, that doesn’t mean how the game looks isn't important. Since graphics are what the player is seeing the entire time, developers need to make sure they match the world as well as the style of the gameplay.

Excellent Sound & Music

As any video game sound designer knows, a game’s audio is incredibly important. Video games need sound effects to make the virtual characters and the world feel more alive and realistic. At the same time, the game’s soundtrack also plays a big part in evoking emotion from the player and enhancing the experience.

Memorable Characters

Whether your game is heavy on narrative or not, you want to have characters that are not boring and forgettable.This means designing characters that are visually interesting, well-written, and that the player can relate to.

Good Balance of Challenge & Reward

Another challenge that all game designers face is finding the perfect balance of difficulty and reward. If you make a game too hard then no one will play it due to frustration, but at the same time having a game that is too easy can bore players as well. The best games are fine-tuned to provide a good escalation of difficulty so players continue feeling challenged and rewarded.