Technology has changed the education industry drastically in many different ways. However, all are g

Technology has changed the education industry drastically in many different ways. However, all are good results. Comparing education now with over a decade ago, education approaches now are widened with a variety of options for educators, as well as for learners.  It must be considered as an educational evolution which completely changed the whole industry.

Firstly, we can’t deny that technological tools have replaced traditional teaching materials in many educational institutes. Now lesson plans, and blackboards, even flashcards are turning to software interfaces, powerpoint files, teaching videos, etc.

Secondly, students now can study at home by attending online classes instead of going to real classes. This solution has helped many people balance their schedule of studying with other activities. It’s also the best choice for people in rural areas who want to keep up with their studying career. Now you don’t need to go to a big city to study in college or in the university, you can study from home with your computer and the internet access which helps to reduce your cost, and is much more convenient. Therefore, educational technology has contributed to shortening the distance between cities and countryside.

Thirdly, educational technology also helps in learning assessment. Currently, the education industry is more modern than ever before with changes not even in teaching but the way of tracking the student’s result and communicating with parents. Therefore, the quality of education is raised up to a new level. Unlike the old time when students had to take examinations on papers, then we needed to wait a time for their results. Now the process is much more simple. They can do tests online, and have their tests marked with an automatic marking system, then their scores will be automatically shown on the school website and their parents will soon know about their marks after that. It’s apparent that with the help of digital technology the assessment process has been improved much more efficiently.

There are also some questions about if the impact of technology on education is able to change the traditional role of teachers or not. Even if the answer is yes or no we all can’t deny that technology has been changing education appearance, and enhancing its quality.