Building a chat app like Whatapps, Viber, …Under $10K

The cost estimated to build a chat app like WhatsApp can be calculated as 660 hours x $15 equal $9,9K for each platform. If you want to build a chat app both for iPhone/iPad and Android, it doubles this sum. Please read this article to learn how to calculate this cost.

You intend to build a new chat app on your own. Do you have awesome ideas to add but want to save basic features of priority messaging apps. Awesome! Today, EBIZWORLD is so happy to deal with your confusion. Right now, we will discuss how to build a chat app like Whatsapp, Viber,… tech stack and costs.

How a messaging app like WhatsApp, Viber,.. works?

Whatsapp works based on core value, it is an instant messaging service for a smartphone. Users can send and reply their messages on internet network like wifi or mobile phone data. It is cheaper than SMS services, some chat apps run on free cost subscription models.

Main features of a chat app:

  • Social Login/sign- up:

The social network doesn’t exist in a space removed from to each other, so why your app should be removed from other social media apps? Allow users to share posts and content from other apps such as Facebook and Instagram, on your app, to make the most out of information sharing.

  • Instant messaging: this is a basic feature of your app. It operates through the internet connection. Users can exchange their messages together. They can create a group to communicate with family, co-workers, up to 256 people at one. Users can send a message like text, emoji or voice messages. Addition, users can free call or video call for another one.
  • Notification: To keep user engaged 24/7 about messaging alerts, discount, online users.
  • Multimedia files transmission: Users of your chat app are going to love the ability to share various types of multimedia, such as pictures, videos. GIFs,. This feature drives up development cost.
  • Security: This should be another one of your important fears, as it’s necessary to keep the data of your users harmless and protect from third party penetration. The anxiety for private information going public is at an all-time high, so be sure to prioritize user security. You can invest in premium encryption technologies to protect messages from third party infiltration (seeChatSecure and CryptoCat).

How to build a chat app like WhatsApp, Viber?

Whatsapp is developed by Erlang language, it is suitable and capable to deal with a large amount of data. However, they can write in the native development language such as Java, Object-C,etc,..for the various phones: iPhone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry,…

How much does it cost to build a chat app like Whatsapp?

From the basic features, EBIZWORLD has listed above, we have cost estimated table, below:


Time needed

Hour rate


Login- sign up

80 hours



Instant message

160 hours




12 hours



Media transformation

60 hours



Location share

12 hours



Voice & video call

180-220 hours




80-100 hours




560-600 hours



To build a chat app like WhatsApp, it takes from 560-600 hours. In the market, there are a lot of vendors which you can choose. With famous and big companies, the price will be charged around $50 per hour rate. However, middle size-company like EBIZWORLD, the price is around $15 per hour rate. Let sum up to build a Whatsapp-Clone app, EBIZWORLD may cost you $8,4K.

One more time, the final expense of your is depended on various factors and your personal preferences. So go ahead and build a chat app that will be like Whatsapp.

Finally, you can see our Portfolio to learn more about our experience.

EBIZWORLD team would be happy to supply you an affordable project with professional service based on your specification and a detailed requirement. Please contact us.