As we all know that Blockchain has become an integral part of game development and it has been imple

As we all know that Blockchain has become an integral part of game development and it has been implemented into almost all types of game. Therefore, Board games are not an exception. In this article let’s see how blockchain technology is adapted into this sort of game.

Firstly, we can’t miss BORED GAMES in our list of Blockchain board games as its new and interesting concept.

The BORED-GAMES NFT project is set to bring the fun of traditional board games to the NFT space! This project features playful cartoon art for its first NFT drop and has plans for community-driven expansion into the metaverse as the project develops. The BORED-GAMES project comes from the artist and one-man-army, Chris (@CryptoChrisNFT on Twitter). In essence, the project is about blending the fun of traditional board games, with the surging field of NFT art. Indeed, BORED-GAMES wants to be the leading board game company in Web3. To that end, everyone who mints an NFT from BORED-GAMES’ first collection will receive a physical board game! This is just one way that Chris plans to provide value to the BORED-GAMES community from the jump.

By the same token, BORED-GAMES is setting out to create fun and unique art that sets it apart from the many derivative and copycat NFTs that are currently out. As a matter of fact, Chris has been minting NFTs in his unique style since 2020.

Secondly, World Challenge NFT

This is the first board game where you can get an NFT character! World Challenge NFT is a game in which all players will answer questions and conquer countries simultaneously, except for the player who is responsible for reading the question. Depending on the chosen game mode "Conqueror or Attack" the game will end sooner or later. Fight to conquer the world and show that you are the one who knows the most! Answer questions, think carefully about the territories you want to conquer and learn while proving that you are the best at World Challenge NFT.

Choose one of two game modes: Conqueror - where you conquer as many countries as possible before the end of the game or Attack -where you attack and win the countries conquered by other players to take over the entire continent. In this mode you can conquer a country that another player has won. In each turn, a player will take a card and choose one of the two existing questions, which he/she must read aloud, along with the four answers. The other participants will write down the answer they consider correct on their card, marking an "X" on options A, B, C or D. When everyone has answered the question, the answers will be revealed, starting with the player to the left of the one who read the question. If the answer is correct, the player will be able to place a conquest token on an available border country and likewise for the rest of the players.

Thirdly, NFT Marble Game

NFT Marble is a blockchain-based online board game that combines NFT and online board games, as well as multiple strategies and game modes. NFT Marble is a platform that not only allows users to earn money, but also fosters a community of board game fans.

The gameplay of NFT Marble is inspired by the classic Monopoly game. Two game modes will be available to players: PvE and PvP. The rewards for players will vary depending on the game mode. The greater the difficulty of the challenge, the higher the reward for the player. Players will join the NFT Marble game network after connecting to the BSC network. To improve the user experience, character cards, maps, skills, and shop upgrades have all been added. NFT Marble will develop a system that focuses on increasing earning potential. Players can also meet new people, form teams, play board games with others, and earn money by creating popular games.

Last but not least: YuGiOh card game NFT

Yu-Gi-Oh! is an exciting universe based on a card game played with Monsters, Spells, and Traps. Yu-Gi-Oh! The franchise includes manga series, television series, several video games, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, and more! YuGiOh is a card game which developed from the ideas of the famous anime YuGiOh. The game has successfully launched into the market since 1999 with its famous anime marketing strategy. By taking advantage of the mass of fans from the anime YuGiOh has gained a big number of target audiences and also developed strongly until now. It has always been updated with new technology since then, so there is no reason for it to skip Blockchain technology.  There are some predictions that YuGiOh will thrive in the Bitcoin market if it is developed with Blockchain.

We EBIZWORLD has many years of experience developing games in all types especially card games, board games and Blockchain games. Therefore, if you are having any interest in developing a card game like YuGiOh adapted with Blockchain technology, pls don’t hesitate to contact us right away!