The norm of adapting blockchain in game is not a new concept to some people, especially to game prod

The norm of adapting blockchain in game is not a new concept to some people, especially to game producers, and game investors. But how do they create a successful brand new game with blockchain? And what is the plot to implement this technology into the game in the most efficient and profitable way? Those questions are always their first concern before starting off any blockchain game project. 

Nowadays, in the blockchain game area, the market is always more crowded than ever with a diversity of games and services. But to completely change the taste and the understanding of the gamers to this type of game then there is a name that we should think of. It’s MIR4 which is an Asian game. What a surprise, isn’t it? Do you know that over the last few years Asian games have made so many big advances in the market that impressed the globe gaming industry? That's true, and MIR4 of Wemade is a proof of that. Now, let’s see how this game has made it in the market so far!

MIR4 was released in 170 countries with 12 languages on August 26th 2021. since then MIR4 has reached 1 million downloads on Google Play, and only in September the same year it earned about 10 millions USD. MIR4 not only won in the market but also brought a new era to blockchain based games.

This game is super as it has given all people in the world a new look of blockchain games, for their idea is that MIR4 is not only a game for entertainment but for investment. The developers of Mir4 gives its players complete control of their own digital accounts and virtual assets through its blockchain platform. Which means  gamers are able to own and keep the in-game content that they create, such as the treasures they pick up, characters they generate and friends whom they have made online. The gamers can retain the items they have collected in a game and use them in another, different, game title. It is like the game is a part of their property and they have the right to own it, keep, or even  sell it if they want. Apparently MIR4 has higher valuation to players compared to other games as the time and money they spend on the game are totally worth it. This innovation of MIR4 has completely changed the way people think about video games. Like they often say video games are just a waste of time, or it’s only for fun, for killing your time when you don’t know what to do, and it is not worth your time, and money, etc. Then now their look may completely change as playing MIR4 not only benefits you the entertainment, but your money, and time value.

The idea of ownership in MIR4 will be increasingly important in the years ahead, said Mr Henry Chang, chief executive officer of Wemade. According to him, from personal data to other virtual assets generated by gamers’ activities online, people will increasingly want ownership of and utility from their own data. Therefore, in the future, players can bring their digital items to a new game and continue playing with the same “assets” that they have earned or collected in earlier games. Yet there may exist one obstacle that Mr. Chang has mentioned in his recent interview, which is that it might raise the number of farming. Fortunately, he has also pointed out some solutions for that issue like:  there are rules set up to prevent players from spoiling the game and distorting the economics of valuable virtual resources. The rules such as the maximum number of items that can be mined for a day or by a certain user per day, for example. As we can see that along with advanced innovation there always exist risks that can spoil our success however we always have solutions for it, so it would not be a problem.