Animation in a game is the very important thing to take concentration when you develop a game. A pro

Animation in a game is the very important thing to take concentration when you develop a game. A profitable game is a game that is not only well designed with excellent features, but also has beautiful animation effects. Amazing animation design is very essential in any game developing process. Especially for many players, the first thing that attracts their attention is the game's cool animation character. In order to develop such an ideal animation for a game, game developers, and game designers have to spend much time, and be meticulous in their work. However, to reduce their pressure in work as well as the timeline in game developing process there are some effective game animation development tools which can help.

Autodesk 3ds Max

A popular choice among video game developers, Autodesk 3ds Max is a professional computer graphics program for 3D animations with enhanced modeling capabilities and a flexible plugin architecture. The tool enables you to create professional-quality 3D game animations thanks to its integrated texture and color editor, its character animation and rigging tools, and its procedural animation tools. Design visualization is brought to the next level through stunning effects, embellishments, while procedural animation and scene modeling tools make realistic characters and game environments. Its key features are: flexible toolset, creating massive worlds in games, visualizing high-quality architectural renderings, modeling finely detailed environments and objects, bring characters and features to life with animation and VFX, and built-in Arnold renderer.


Packed with features for modeling, texturing, rigging and 3D animation, Houdini is used for high-quality graphics and intense, but accessible 3D animation experiences. This animation maker comes as a solution for game developers that are required to come up with vast amounts of content without compromising the visual effects. Using motion graphics and even VR, the tool allows the creation of compelling animations that provide the user with interactive gameplay and a unique game experience. Its key features are: using procedural animation to bring a smarter way of creating quality games, dynamics tools to create optimized game FX, SideFX Labs Toolset, and Vertex animation.


It is a professional animation software, Blender makes an excellent choice for quality visual effects and video games offering features like rigging, modeling, animating, simulating, and, rendering. Boasting masking and textured brushes for 3D painting, CPU, GPU, and VR rendering support, this animation software is also fully customizable thanks to its flexible Python controlled interface. You can match it with a wide array of add-ons to adjust layout, colors, size, and fonts or you can simply use Blender’s Python scripting based API. Its features are: Cycles Render Engine; CPU, GPU, and VR rendering support; advanced modeling and sculpting tools; Python scripting for custom tools and add-ons; high-quality rigging and animation tools; full Animation Support with Onion Skinning.

Adobe after effects

Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, After Effects is the best of the best when it comes to motion graphics and visual effects software and there is practically nothing you can’t achieve with it. You can easily set anything in motion with keyframes or expressions and you can do so from scratch for unique results or by using the available presets to kick-off your designs. Get animated, combine videos and images and add explosive effects or create VR videos to drop your audience right into the action with the very best animation software on the market. After Effects is always getting better, with new features coming out regularly. The best part is that you will never fall behind thanks to the fast and easy tutorials covering everything. Its features are: preview and playback performance enhancements; enhanced EXR workflows (12x faster performance) and faster shapes; graphics and text enhancements; expression improvements’ expanded format and better playback support.