As we ‘ve already known that Blockchain technology has adapted in many projects in the IT area

As we ‘ve already known that Blockchain technology has adapted in many projects in the IT area, especially in game development. In our old articles we have written about Blockchain technology, Blockchain Wallet, and Blockchain in game development but we haven’t mentioned Blockchain in web development. Actually, it has also dramatically changed the appearance of web development. Now let’s take a look at this new concept:

Important role of Blockchain in web development:

Blockchain consists of a set of blocks which has multiple forms of data. The data stored in these blocks are a set of transactions that a user has performed on a particular website like Passwords, Payments, and other sorts of data that are provided by the users while accessing the website. It is a container consisting of tracks and records of different web-based transactions. By using it you can keep track of all the virtual records or transactions which can’t be edited, deleted, or accessed by any unauthorized users so that Blockchain technology is one of the most secure methods of recording business transactions in the world.

Many Web Developers are currently using Blockchain Technology in Web development because of its features like Security, Productivity, and accuracy. Blockchain technology is efficient enough to keep copyright records and some of the files that have digital records. This technology is mostly used in the websites which are having their own payment gateways and also by web-based payment applications which are having payment wallets. These websites and applications are secured using Blockchain development so that they can’t be accessed by any unauthorized user or hacker.

Features of Blockchain Web technology:

Consistency: The main feature of blockchain technology is its consistency which means the data preserved inside the different blocks remains unchanged which means that no other user can have access to the data and cannot change the data values. This also avoids Data Corruption.

Independency: One of the advantageous features of the blockchain system is its independence which means that the system can be operated independently without the need of any governing authority.

Security: Another feature of Blockchain-based web development is Security. It is considered one of the most secure web development systems. In this system, all the personal data of the user remains secure with the help of encryption so no unauthorized user can add, modify or delete the data present inside the blocks.

Transparency of Data: The data in the Blockchain systems is transparent which means each and every public user can see the data on the systems. There are some the Private Blockchains also which are not transparent at all so only authorized users can see and access them.

Decision Making: Blockchain is totally based upon the different algorithms. These algorithms are designed in such a way that enables decision-making using the networks.

However, Blockchain also has some limitations in web development:

Not Scalable: Blockchains are not scalable at all, this is because of the network congestions. If there is a lot of traffic available on your website which is based on Blockchain Network then there are higher chances of the network slowing down.

Higher Energy Consumption: Some of the blockchain systems need a larger amount of energy to be operated so there is a large amount of energy consumption in the Blockchain systems.

Consistency of data: This is also a disadvantage of blockchain systems because in the blockchain systems the users can’t remove the data which is already inserted.

Doesn’t Provide Higher Security: Blockchain Systems don’t provide higher security because in this kind of system the users who are having access to more than 50% of nodes or blocks can have access to the system which makes it more vulnerable.

Costly: Blockchain-based web development is one of the costly procedures of web development because the developers need to develop a whole system that requires a lot of resources which incurs higher costs.