Nowadays technologies are changing with high speed to cope with the unrest developing of all the ind

Nowadays technologies are changing with high speed to cope with the unrest developing of all the industries, as well as people's demands. So it is in the game development area, many new types of games are approved to develop each year which makes the game market develop rapidly. Maybe we are so used to many kinds of games like Puzzlers, RPGs, shooters games, action adventure games, survival and horror games, and multiplayers online battle games. Those games are too popular and familiar to many players, so how can game producers make them more exciting and attractive to their audiences? The answer is very simple, it’s to add more functionalities into their games.

One of the trends today is to add transferring tokens function into their products.  Tokens or Cryptocurrency is an encrypted, digital, and decentralized currency that uses blockchain technology. This solution is very secure to the users as it’s impossible to hack the system, and the units of currency are controlled by people who own it. This kind of business is quite popular in the game industry when each game builds a large gamers community, where they can make friends, chat and exchange their ideas, as well as their feeling in the game. This is the great environment, the available market for them to exchange their cryptocurrency. To take the advantages of this available market, and assist players widen their sources, connecting cryptocurrency wallets to their social media system is the profitable solution.

We can take a look at some common social apps nowadays. They are representatives of social media apps that the producers are intending to develop more with many sufficient functions in the future. For instance, they can be developed with cryptocurrency wallets. Those apps are for messaging and interacting between friends and personal contacts. The apps allow login on major social media platform accounts, which probably increases engagement. This can be a good thing in the short term, but in the long term it would be useful to tie the messenger to a blockchain ID, in order to make a difference and to reinforce the sales in the apps’ platforms. The apps’ messaging options include text, call, video call, and timeline, add to a group, and send token -interfaces. The e-wallet integrated within social app allows the users to trade their Bitcoin or Ethereum to the app’s tokens. Also, the wallet can be used to send the app’s tokens to other users, pay for goods and services offered by registered merchants on the platform, and for storing value. The wallet’s own interface looks much like a standard cryptocurrency wallet, but the integration with the messenger makes it intuitive to use. 

Besides, the social app has a map which allows the user to share their location, while travelling with selected contacts. The map also features important services in the area, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, hospitals and clinics and so on. Registered merchants may use this feature to list their services on the platform using the app, and earn tokens when users book their services.

To all entrepreneurs who want to build a social app with cryptocurrency wallets to start a new business, you absolutely have your own ideas, and purposes for your app, maybe it would have some similarities to the description above, or it would be far cooler, we, EBIZWORLD, are willing to listen and assist you in your business.