5 creative post-launch marketing strategies for your mobile app.

In order to have a successful marketing strategy for a new app, we need to make a proper balance of

In order to have a successful marketing strategy for a new app, we need to make a proper balance of paid and organic promotion. Besides the traditional activities, we should find some creative way to attract more target consumer of your new product.


You can consider these tactics below:

1. Collect the feedback:

After using your app, the user will have some feedbacks and you should try to collect all of their feedbacks. You may catch a bug in the app and discover new functions that consumer love to use. This is an important step to help you update and maintain your app in next phases.

2. Provide great customer service:

Good customer support is key to creating word of mouth and reducing negative feedback. Make it easy for users to interact with you and their issues by installing a “get support" button that’s connected to email or social media.

According to Social Media Today, some social media channels like Facebook and Twitter are more accurate and faster at delivering customer service response than email (44% and 48% more successful respectively). So need to reply in a timely manner, that minimizes the risk of negative experience and you can earn five-star reviews.

3. Connect on Social Media:

You can create a fan page for your app and publish attractive content on there to get more like, share or comment from users. This positive point helps you drive downloads for your app.

The other way to grab the attention of your specific audience is joining and sharing your app in relevant groups. The audience may read content and search for your app. 

4. Running a Contest:

Running a contest is one of the best ways to get the word out about your app. You can give away a number of users your app for free when they apply the contest. If the app is free to download, you can consider opening some premium function or upgrading memberships. 

Rule of the contest should be connected on Social channels by asking participants to post, share your app or invite their friend to join the contest. The app recognition and brand awareness can be increased enormously.

5. Offer referral bonus:


Offering your current customers some types of bonus or benefit when they promote or recommend your app to their friend, this method will get them to spread the word.

There are many brands apply this method successfully and one of them is Dropbox. When users sign up the first time, Dropbox gives them the reward to get an addition 500MB space for every friend they get to sign up, they can accumulate up to 16GB in this way.

This company had just 100,000 registered users in 2008, which increased to an enormous number of 4,000,000 users within 15 months. That is a positive proof show us that word of mouth referrals are much more powerful than other traditional advertisements.


6. Cooperate with other brands:

Nowadays, mobile payment service is popular payment method in many countries so many E-wallet mobile apps have been launching. And the key tactic of these app owners is to cooperate with other brands to boost their app users.

When consumers go to the coffee shop, shopping mall,etc. they can get a discount or voucher by downloading and using an E-wallet app such as ZaloPay, Samsung Pay,etc. If the consumers satisfied with your app, they will continue to use it next times.

The methods above are the sharing from our client we work with during over 8 years. And which are your preferable solutions for reaching your target app audience? Let’s share your tips in the comments below! 

By Nhu Bui