18 applications, games will certainly make you remember the first iPhone you had

How many of these have you used? Let's back through the time line from July 2008 when the App Store

How many of these have you used?

Let's back through the time line from July 2008 when the App Store was officially announced. There are 18 games and applications that have made a fever that you would have used if you were lucky to use the iPhone early.

1. Flashlight

Do you remember the time when the iPhone did not have a flashlight feature and you needed to download an app to do this?


2. Lightsaber Unleashed

Lightsaber Unleashed is one of the top 10 free downloads on the App Store in 2008, according to Apple. You may not know, in 2008, the most downloaded application on the iPhone is iPint, an application that allows you to drink ... virtual beer on the phone.


3. Air Hockey or Touch Hokey

In the same year, people were playing "hockey" on the phone.
Air Hockey is one of the most downloaded paid apps of 2008, while Touch Hockey is one of the most downloaded free downloads.


4. Bubble Wrap

BubbleWrap is also one of the iPhone's never-before-forgotten apps. Squeezing the nylon bubble is clearly a hobby of many people they never spoke of.


5. Jelly Car

Jelly Car is a pretty hard to play but extremely fun game.


6. Enigmo

Enigmo is a game in which players have the task of designing systems that help the water flow properly into a certain pool. In fact, the highlight of the game is that it attracts many generations of iPhone users.


7. Tap Tap Revenge

For the music lover, Tap Tap Revenge is definitely a game not to be missed. With this game, you can indulge in the intonation of your favorite songs.


8. Rope’n’Fly

Rope'n'Fly is a game where you have the task of sending a character from one building to another - and that's it.


9. Labyrinth

Labyrinth is also a game that is quite difficult to control - you need to tilt the phone in very subtle ways so that the ball can cross the maze without falling into obstacles.
With JellyCar, the Labyrinth is one of the first games to take advantage of accelerometer sensor technology on the iPhone.


10. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump can be called dubbed the "national game" on the iPhone when everyone knows about it. All you need to do is tilt the phone so that the doodle can jump from one floor to another easily and without sticking obstacles.


11. Unblock me

One of the other hot games in 2009 is Unblock Me, a game where you move wooden box blocks so that the red box can escape the screen.



12. Angry Birds

2009 was the birth of angry birds "Angry Birds".


13. Word With Friends

Words With Friends was born the same year. 2009 is clearly the year many games on the iPhone become phenomenal.


14. Fruit Ninja

2010 gave iPhone users a cut fruit game Fruit Ninja, ever made many people crazy about.



15. Temple Run

A year later, Temple Run appeared and immediately became the next craze.



16. Subway Surfers

Similar to Temple Run is Subway Surfers. The graphics of this game seem brighter than Temple Run.


17. Draw Something

Draw Something allows you and your friend to turn the drawing and guess what it is.


18. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, a game that has made many people crazy because of their difficulty, is also worthy of being on the list. Although the time it appears on the App Store is quite short.

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